Where can I find more detailed instructions on how to use this feature?

View our knowledge base article on this topic here.


Where do I add and manage parent/guardian emails?

Any class that has at least one student added will have an associated “Manage Parent Emails” page. To access this page, go to a class, and click on the “Manage Parent Emails” button (it appears next to the “Add Students” button). This will take you to the “Manage Parent Emails” page.


How do I invite a parent/guardian to the weekly progress reports? 

On the “Manage Parent Emails” page, enter the appropriate parent/guardian email below the associated student or bulk upload parent/guardian email addresses with the Import from CSV option (detailed instructions on CSV importing). When you are done adding parent/guardian emails, click the “Send invites” button to send invites to parents/guardians.


What will the parent/guardian receive once I send the invite?

The parent/guardian will receive an invite email from the “MakeMusic Team” ( This email mentions the student’s first name and your name and gives a brief background about what the parent/guardian will receive if they subscribe.

If the parent/guardian does not subscribe, they will automatically be sent two reminder emails 7 and 10 days later.

To get a better parent/guardian “subscribe” rate, we recommend personally notifying the parents/guardians in your class before you send the invites. Giving the parents/guardians this notice that you’ll be sending them an invite to subscribe to their child’s weekly progress reports will make it more likely that they see and open the invite email.


What if the parent/guardian does not receive the invite email?

First, ask the parent/guardian to try searching for emails sent from “MakeMusic” or “” Next, try checking the “spam” folder in the inbox. 

If the email does not appear, the teacher should check the email address for accuracy and try resending the email (see: “How do I remove or resend a parent/guardian email?”)


What does the parent/guardian receive if they “subscribe” to the emails?

After subscribing in the invite email, the parent/guardian will receive:

  • A series of three emails with valuable information about how the parent/guardian can support their child’s music education and FAQs for using MakeMusic Cloud
  • Weekly progress report email of their child’s activity in MakeMusic Cloud


The weekly progress report email is delivered every Friday, so long as the student is active in MakeMusic (we pause sending the email after 4 consecutive weeks of inactivity). The report includes: the student’s week streak, days of activity in MakeMusic the previous week, the number of active minutes playing or recording music in MakeMusic, upcoming and late assignments, and top titles explored over the last week.


Can the parent/guardian “unsubscribe” from the weekly emails?

Yes; the parent/guardian can unsubscribe at any time by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the weekly emails. They will no longer receive the weekly progress reports from MakeMusic Cloud.


Additionally, to prevent unnecessary emails, if a student is inactive in MakeMusic Cloud for 4 consecutive weeks, the parent/guardian will no longer receive the weekly progress report emails until the child’s activity in MakeMusic resumes. 


How do I remove or resend a parent/guardian email?

On the “Manage Parent Emails” page, you can remove a parent/guardian email by hovering over the email and clicking on the “Remove” button/icon that appears next to the parent’s name. 


This parent/guardian will no longer receive the emails once removed. You can now add a new parent/guardian email for this student. This parent/guardian will be sent the invite.


Can I bulk import parent/guardian emails like I can for students?

Yes; select the Import from CSV option to bulk import parent/guardian email addresses. More details about CSV importing.


Can one parent/guardian email be linked to multiple students?

Yes, a parent/guardian email can be associated with multiple student emails (e.g. - parent/guardian w/ multiple children). The parent/guardian will get one email per child.

Exception: because of data constraints, a parent/guardian email can be linked to a maximum of 4 students at one time. If a parent/guardian is linked to a 5th, 6th, etc. student, the email will be sent to the parent/guardian for these students.

Tip: If a parent/guardian needs to be linked to 5 or more students using MMC, you can try using an alias email address… e.g. - (add “+1” before the “@” in your email address). This works since the email will go to the same inbox (if supported by the email service) but is considered a different email by our system.


Can one student have multiple parent/guardian emails linked?

Yes; teachers can invite up to 6 parents/guardians for each student.


If the linked parent/guardian email is changed in one class, will it change in other classes as well?

Yes; the linked parent/guardian email is on the student level, not the class level.


If a parent/guardian is already linked to a student and that student joins a new class, will the parent/guardian have to be invited to “subscribe” again?

No; the parent/guardian will be linked to the student and their subscription status will be shown across all classes. So if the parent/guardian is already subscribed, no action will be needed.


If a student is in multiple classes, will the parent/guardian get multiple weekly emails?

No; the parent/guardian will only get one weekly email for the student, which aggregates all of the student’s activity across MakeMusic Cloud.


If a teacher removes a student from a class, will we also remove that student from the “Manage Parent Emails” page for that class?

Yes; to avoid confusion, we will also remove the student from the “Manage Parent Emails” page. This means that the parent/guardian will still receive the weekly emails, as long as there is continued student activity.


If a student is inactive in MakeMusic Cloud, will the parent/guardian still receive the weekly progress report emails?

The parent/guardian will receive the weekly progress report emails until the student is inactive in MakeMusic Cloud for 4 consecutive weeks. After 4 inactive weeks, email reports are paused until the student’s activity resumes.


If a parent/guardian is connected to multiple students and parent/guardian unsubscribes from one student (clicks “Unsubscribe” in their email), will it unsubscribe from all students?

Yes; to be compliant with email regulations, we have to unsubscribe the parent/guardian from all emails in this case. This is controlled by our email client, so the parent/guardian would be unsubscribed from all student weekly progress reports.


If a parent/guardian unsubscribes from the emails, and wants to receive them again, can they do that?

The parent/guardian can contact the MakeMusic support team who can attempt to manually remove the parent/guardian from the “unsubscribe” list. This should allow the parent/guardian to receive the weekly progress report emails again. If this does not work, the teacher should try removing and reinviting the parent/guardian again to “subscribe” to these emails.


What happens if a teacher removes a parent/guardian from a single class? 

The parent/guardian email address will be removed from all classes that the individual student is enrolled in. If that parent/guardian is subscribed to other students’ email summaries, they will continue to get them.


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