What is a Student-Funded Class?

Student-Funded classes can be created by users who have All Access or Teacher subscriptions (for more information concerning subscription types, see: Platform Roles and Subscription Types). Students who enroll in these classes will be prompted to purchase a 1-year Student subscription for $29.99/year, unless they already have a subscription. This kind of class setup works well for classes with fewer than 19 students, especially if the students are responsible for purchasing their own subscriptions.


If you have 19 or more students, we recommend getting a quote for Teacher and Student subscriptions at, as you'll meet the bulk-pricing threshold.


The subscriptions purchased for Student-Funded classes have the same access as organizational Student subscriptions, including:

  • Music Catalog
  • Practice
  • Sight Reading Studio
  • Compose
  • Practice Analysis


How do I make a Student-Funded Class?

  1. Go to (log in, if prompted).

  2. Select the Classes tab. 

  3. Choose Create a Class. image5.png

  4. If you are on a platform, you will be asked if you want to connect the class to a platform. Choose No

    • If you are not on a platform, this question won't appear.image3.png

  5. You will be asked to choose a kind of class.

    • Choose MakeMusic Cloud if you want the Student subscriptions.

    • Choose Sight Reading Studio if you only want your students to have access to the Sight Reading Studio (NOTE: Sight Reading Studio subscriptions will NOT grant access to our Paid Music Catalog). Class type KBA updated screenshot.png

  6. You will be asked how the class will be funded. Choose Student-funded.image2.png

  7. Provide a Class name and add a Display Name for you.

  8. Click Create class.image1.png


How to get students enrolled


To get your students to purchase their Student subscriptions, they need to join your class. There's a variety of ways to do this (all of which are explained here: Adding Students to Your Class), but here are some simple methods:

  • Email them the invite link:

    1. On the Classes tab of Admin, click the name of your class.

    2. Select Add Students and choose Use e-mail template.mceclip3.png

    3. Click the mceclip0.png Copy to Clipboard button.mceclip4.png

    4. Navigate to your email and create a new email for your students.

    5. In the body of the email, click to place your cursor and then press COMMAND (Mac)/CTRL (Windows/ChromeOS) + V to paste it in the message. 

    6. Send it to your students. They will follow the link to join the class (and create an account, if necessary). 

  • Give them the Class Code

    1. In the Classes tab of Admin, click the Copy icon located to the right of your alphanumerical Class Code. This copies a direct link containing your class code to your clipboard.mceclip0.png

    2. Paste that direct link in an email to your students.

    3. Your students can click the link and follow the prompts to join your class.

Payment Process

After they attempt to enroll in the class, they will be prompted to pay for a subscription if they don't already have one. To help them through that process, we have a guide, which they should follow with a parent/guardian: Purchasing MakeMusic Cloud and Sight Reading Studio subscriptions for a Student Funded Class.




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