Assignments created in MakeMusic Cloud are automatically saved as Assignment Templates, which can later be edited, assigned, or organized into Units. See Creating and managing units for more information.


Assignment Templates are shared across all MakeMusic Cloud platforms when your account is connected to multiple platforms. 


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Edit an assignment template.


Editing an Assignment Template will not change any current assignments. If you need to change a pending assignment, reassign the Assignment Template after editing.


Log into Position your cursor over the navigation menu on the left side of the screen and choose Assignments. The Units & Assignment Templates page appears.



Select a template from the Assignment Templates list. The assignment template details appear. There you will see the assignment template's title, the date it was created, and its status. Select Edit to change the title or parameters of the assignment template



Assign an assignment template.


From the Units & Assignment Templates page, select the assignment template you would like to assign. Select Assign



The Assign page appears. Use the checkboxes to select a class or multiple classes. You can also use the checkboxes next to student names to assign only to specific students.



Use the same steps in the Assignment creation article to assign the assignment template. Select Assign when you are finished. A confirmation message appears. Select Done to return to the Home page. 



Duplicate an assignment template.


Select the assignment template you would like to duplicate. The assignment template details appears. Select Duplicate.




To duplicate assignment templates that are in a Unit, select



The duplicated assignment appears at the top of the Assignment Templates with the indicator (copy) in the name.



Delete an assignment template.


Select the assignment template you would like to delete. The assignment template details appears. Select Delete



The Delete Assignment Template dialog box appears. Click Cancel to return to the Units & Assignment Templates page. Click Delete to permanently remove the assignment template. Any previous assignment based on the template will be unaffected.



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