When your students are working on an assignment that focuses on rhythmic accuracy, such as non-pitched percussion, clapping, or rhythmic sight reading, students should choose Percussive through microphone as their assessment type (otherwise, if using a MIDI device, such as a MIDI drum pad, they can choose Non-Pitched Percussive Through MIDI). With this setting, MakeMusic Cloud only assesses rhythmic input and does not assess pitch. If opening an assignment with a non-pitched percussion instrument selected, the assessment type defaults to Percussive through microphone. However, if opening an assignment with a melodic instrument selected, it will be necessary to change the assessment type.


After opening the assignment, select the record button record.png or the mic calibration button mic_calibration_button.png. The Select assessment type dialog box appears. Choose Percussive through microphone, and click Select this mode and device. Then follow the prompts to calibrate the microphone.




When creating a rhythmic assignment, you can also set the assessment mode to Include Percussion/Clapping Only if you want to ensure all students use the percussive setting. See Assignment creation for more details.


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