One of the great benefits to using MakeMusic Cloud is the immediate visual feedback that is provided for each recording. The visual assessment uses different colors and spacing to communicate to students what was played correctly and what was played incorrectly.




Pitch Assessment


When recording in MakeMusic Cloud the played noteheads will turn red or green to provide pitch assessment. Green noteheads indicate that the correct pitch was played at the correct time.


Correct assessment.png


Red noteheads indicate incorrect pitch. The vertical placement of a red notehead on the staff indicates the pitch that was played. 


NOTE: pitch assessment in MakeMusic Cloud is octave-agnostic, which means that your note will be counted as correct even if you play in a different octave than written.


Wrong Notes.png



Rhythmic Assessment


When recording in MakeMusic Cloud yellow noteheads will appear to indicate correct pitches that are played early or late. The horizontal placement of the notehead indicates whether the note was played early or late.


Early Late.png


Visual rhythmic assessment applies to correct pitches played out of time. Any incorrect pitch is marked red regardless of the timing. 



Color Blind Mode


Visual assessment in MakeMusic Cloud is color blind-accessible. To turn on this feature, select the Display tab on the Practice page. Select Color Blind Mode.



Color Blind Mode will adjust the coloration of the visual assessment for color blind accessibility. The cursor will appear light purple. Correctly assessed notes will appear blue. Incorrect notes will appear light pink, with vertical placement on the staff indicating the pitch played. Early or late notes will appear green, with horizontal placement on the staff indicating the timing.


Disabling Visual Assessment

The Practice App's visual assessment can be turned off entirely by clicking the Assessment tab and switching off Show Assessment.




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