After you have created your class, you can create a Grading Calendar.  While it is not mandatory to create a Grading Calendar in order to create assignments, it does allow you to organize the assignments in your Gradebook into Grading Periods based on their due dates.  Additionally, once a Grading Calendar has been created, it can easily be used for other classes attached to your platform.


A Grading Calendar must contain at least one Grading Period.  A Grading Period pertains to a date range that you specify when creating it.  Assignments in that date range will display inside of that Grading Period in your Gradebook.  For example, you may create a Grading Calendar that signifies the entire academic year.  Then, your grading periods could represent the semesters, quarters, or any other division you'd like to use.  Any assignments that exist outside of a Grading Period are displayed in the category entitled Assignments with no grading periods.


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Access the Grading Calendar option in Class Tools


To create a Grading Calendar, move your cursor to the left side of the screen to expand the Navigation Menu.  Select Class Tools.


1.1 class tools.png


You can also get there from your Gradebook. Choose a class from the drop-down menu and then select Define Your Grading Period.


1.3 gradebook.png



Create a new Grading Calendar


Once the Class Tools page appears, specify the class for which you'd like to add the Grading Calendar, then select Grading Calendar at the top of the screen.


1.2 calendar from tools.png


Select Create new grading calendar.


2.1 create new gc in class tools.png


Enter in the name of your new Grading Calendar. 


2.2 enter gc name.png


Once you enter the title for your Grading Calendar, name the first grading period and specify the dates.  You can add more Grading Periods by selecting the plus sign.png icon.  Conversely, you can delete Grading Periods by selecting Delete period.


3.2 periods, save.png


Once you've specified your Grading Periods, select Save to save the Grading Calendar.  It is now the calendar designated for this class, and is reusable in other classes.


Reuse an existing Grading Calendar


After you have navigated to your Class Tools page from the Navigation Menu or Gradebook, choose Grading Calendar and select Reuse an existing grading calendar


4.1 reuse.png


Choose the previously created Grading Calendar from the dropdown menu list.  The class from which the calendar originates will appear in parentheses next to the calendar title.


4.2 gc dropdown for reuse.png


The Grading Calendar appears.  Select Save to use the Grading Calendar for the chosen class.


4.3 save for reuse.png


Add or remove Grading Periods in an existing Grading Calendar

Navigate to the Class Tools section, specify your class, and select the Grading Calendar tab.  The Grading Calendar for the class appears.  To add another grading period to your Grading Calendar, select the plus sign.png icon.


5.1 create new plus sign.png


If you need to delete a grading period, select Delete Period next to the specific period you'd like to remove. Select the Save changes button to save your newly entered or deleted Grading Periods to the Grading Calendar.


5.2 save delete.png




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