Once you've joined a class, you are able to receive your teacher's assignments. Assignments are graded by your teacher, and details about the assignment, including your grade and feedback, are sent back to you to help you learn and grow as a musician. Read the article below to learn how to complete an assignment.


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  1. Open an assignment and read the instructions
  2. Before you record
  3. Calibrate your microphone
  4. Record your performance and review your takes
  5. Submit your assignment to your teacher

Open an assignment and read the instructions

1. On the Home page, click Start next to the assignment you wish to complete.

  • If the assignment you're looking to complete isn't listed on the home page, click View All.



2. Select your instrument from the list of parts and then click Open.



3. After the assignment loads, read the instructions from your Teacher.

  • You'll see the rubric criteria and how many points you get for each one, as well as the total points for the assignment.

  • Click on Got it! to proceed with completing the assignment.



Before you record

1. To view the instructions again:

  • Go to the Assessment tab and then click on See Instructions.



2. If you need to hear the key of the piece:

  • Click the ear 👂 icon to hear an arpeggio in the key of the assignment and the starting pitch at the cursor position.

  • For sight-singing exercises, the arpeggio and starting pitch will sound automatically after selecting Start.



3. If you need a starting pitch:

  • Click any note and a sound wave icon will appear. Click it and the note will sound.



4. In order to record, you need to have everything set to Default settings.

  • If you change any playback settings, you may not be able to submit your assignment if they don't meet your teacher's requirements for this assignment. These settings may include:

    • Tempo

    • Unmuting "My Part"

  • As shown below, the Record button will have an exclamation mark in the center of the red dot when something is preventing you from being able to submit.



5. To revert any changes you made and record a take, click on the Record button, and then select Reset to assigned settings in the window that appears.

  • Clicking Continue anyway will allow you to record but not submit.

  • Click Reset to assigned settings to ensure your recording qualifies for submission.



Calibrate your microphone

1. Time to calibrate your microphone with the microphone test.

  • The first time you start a take, the Prepare to record dialog box appears. Follow the onscreen instructions.

    • You'll be able to record with your headphones on, just unplug them for the test.

  • Make sure your speakers' volume is loud enough so that your microphone picks up the test tone. Select Test your microphone


2. If MakeMusic Cloud cannot hear the test tone played from your computer, follow the onscreen instructions to troubleshoot the issue.

  • For Mic Troubleshooting instructions see: Troubleshooting microphone issues

  • You can also contact our Customer Support team for help, but we recommend trying the guide linked above first!


Record your performance and review your takes

1. If you pass the Microphone Test without issue, click Start to begin recording.

  • Once the calibration has finished, the count-off automatically begins and you can start recording your performance.


2. Click on the Stop button at any time to stop recording.

  • The playback cursor shows where you are in the music. If at any point you want to stop recording, click the Stop button.



3. As you record, your performance is graded automatically.



4. If you would like to review the assessment for a take with a repeated section:

  • Click anywhere within the repeated section. The (1)(2) icon appears. Click (1) to display the assessment for the first repeat and (2) to display the assessment for the second repeat. The selected icon turns yellow and the green and red notes change to reflect the selected repeat.  



Submit your assignment to your teacher

1. If you'd like to listen to your recorded take, click the purple Recording Playback button to the right of the Record button. Click Submit once you find your best take.

  • To listen to a different take, select it from the dropdown menu above the score and click the Recording Playback button again.

  • You can review your recorded takes under the My Takes tab. MakeMusic Cloud saves the five highest scoring takes and five most recent takes in the drop-down menu under My Takes. Please note that the takes are not saved if you close your browser window.  

  • Select the take in the dropdown menu to view your red and green note assessment for that take.

  • Optional: If you want to download the recording for personal use, click the Save button to download the selected take as a WAV audio file. Note that this does not affect your submission. You will still need to submit the take with the Submit button within the Practice App to complete the assignment. 



2. The Comment Your Submission window appears.

  • Type a comment into the text box if you'd like, and click Submit to submit your take (along with your comments) to your teacher.

  • Your teacher will be able to review the recording as well as the grade automatically given to you.



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