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A teacher needs an individually-purchased All Access subscription or a school-purchased Teacher subscription to use all the teaching tools in MakeMusic Cloud and. See Platform Roles and Subscription Access for more information.


If your school has purchased a Teacher subscription for you, then the school's platform Owner or an Admin must allocate the Teacher subscription to your account.

  • If you are your platform Owner or Admin, then you may allocate a Teacher subscription to yourself. Otherwise, contact the Owner or an Admin to and ask them to allocate the subscription to your account.


To allocate a Teacher subscription as an Owner or Admin:

  1. Choose Admin from the left sidebar or navigate to The Platform page appears.
  2. Review the Sub. Type column to determine who needs a Teacher subscription:

    • Gray  Free  label — This person has no Teacher subscription currently.
    • Gray  Teacher  label — This person has a Teacher subscription from another platform or has purchased and individual All Access subscription.
    • Blue  Teacher  label — This person has a Teacher subscription from your platform.

  3. Select the checkbox next to one or more names.
  4. Click Manage Subscriptions button and choose Allocate Teacher Sub. from the dropdown menu.


  5. A confirmation message appears and the selected teacher(s) immediately receive full access to MakeMusic Cloud's Music Catalog and can convert any existing Free classes to Paid in order to assign paid catalog titles and Sight Reading Studio outlines.


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