Define your grading rubric in MakeMusic Cloud to give your students specific and detailed feedback on assignments.


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Submit grade automatically

To use MakeMusic Cloud to automatically provide an assessment grade for each student, select Submit grade automatically.




When Submit grade automatically is selected, the assignment is automatically graded according to the computer-based assignment percentage score, and adjusted to reflect the total number of points you want your assignment to have. This grade appears immediately in the Gradebook. When an assignment is past due, it is automatically graded as a zero. You can listen to the student’s performance and modify the grade at any time in the Gradebook.


Automatically graded assignments do not appear under Assignment To Be Graded on your Dashboard, as they do not need to be graded.



Create an Ungraded assignment rubric


You can choose to have an Ungraded assignment if you would like students to submit their assignment without impacting their grade in the Gradebook. You can still listen to their submissions, leave feedback, and reassign, but you will not be able to add a grade for this type of assignment.





Create a custom rubric


If you would like to evaluate students on other criteria in addition to the automatic MakeMusic Cloud score, use the Custom rubric option. Additional criteria can be added to grade an assignment, like Tone, Dynamics, and Articulations.  These criteria will also be available to include on any future assignments you create. New criteria are not automatically assessed, but the grading criteria are customizable to fit your needs. The MakeMusic Cloud score is available for you to use as a component of your grading, but you can disable it by unchecking it if you do not want to use it. To create new criteria that can be added to the rubric for this and future assignments, click New Criteria




Add the criterion title and the description of what the student is being rated on for that criterion.




Click Save, and then select your new criterion to specify how many points out of the total grade that criterion is worth.




You can also add multiple levels to a criterion. Select New level to create a multi-level criterion. Each level awards a percentage of the total points to the student for that criterion. After you fill out the information for one level, select New level again to add another. At least one level should be set at 100% to allow students to be able receive full credit for that criterion.


To remove a level or criterion, click the image9.png icon. Any previous assignments that included the deleted level or criterion will not be affected. Once you are satisfied with your criterion's description and levels, select Save to save your changes.




When grading an assignment with levels, you can click which level to award that student either by clicking the appropriate dot under the criteria name, or clicking the Grade button and selecting the level percentage on the right side.





Edit a criterion 


To change an existing criterion, click the image2.png icon next to the criterion name.




When you are finished building your grading rubric, enter the number of points possible for each criterion you've added to your rubric. The points are automatically totaled. Once you have completed your assignment parameters, select Next in the upper right corner to select which students will receive this assignment.


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