After clicking on a piece in our catalog, you can add selections within it to your Favorites List. The Favorite List allows you to save and organize your frequently used music, either from the MakeMusic Cloud catalog or content you've created in Compose or Sight Reading Builder, for quick access from your Home page. 


1. Click on the Heartplus.png icon next to the title of the piece to add all titles within a collection to your Favorites List.



2. You can undo this by clicking the same icon again, which will now look like this: heartminus.png



3. Click the empty_heart.png icon next to individual titles of a collection to favorite specific titles. Click the icon again to undo this.



4. To access your Favorites List from the Catalog, click on My Library.

  • You can also access your Favorites List from the Home Page, as shown in a later step.



5. In the My Favorites section of My Library, you will see your list of Favorites. Icons will appear when you hover over a piece so you can open or remove a Favorite.

  • Drag using the ⋮⋮ to reorder your Favorites List however you want.

  • Use the Open button to open a selection.

  • Use the 🖤 Heart button to remove a Favorite.

  • Use the to expand options, which allows you to add a selection to a Playlist or remove from Favorites.



6. If you are a teacher, you'll also be able to assign selections from your Favorites List using the corresponding icon.

  • You can also click on the to expand options and assign a selection.



7. My Favorites is not limited to only published content. You can also create your own content through Compose and Sight Reading Builder. These compositions will show up in the My Created Content folder to easily add to the Favorites List.



8. You can also access My Favorites from the Home Page.



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