Bulk student pricing of 13.99?!?! That's $6 MORE than I pay for standard. At the original $8, it was all I could do to get enough subscriptions for my 250 students with a total program budget of $2500. I used all of my money so the kids could have access to SmartMusic while being virtual. At $13.99, I've just been blown out of the water! Now what do I do? Way to go SmartMusic. You haven't even fixed most of the quirks that make the cloud-based version worse than the classic and you're increasing prices? Thanks a lot! You've just priced a ton of music teachers out of your product! I've been a SmartMusic user for almost 5 years.  :-(   Sounds like I need to look into MusicFirst! 


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    Ryan Kriebel

    I agree. Added to the list of things that make SmartMusic more terrible everyday. Tech support is virtually non existent, the end user experience is very cumbersome for teachers, and now it's just too expensive.

    I think once I find an alternative I can live with I'll say goodbye to SmartMusic forever. At this point the technology makes learning more difficult in many ways. Technology is supposed to enhance my teaching and make my life easier!

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    Ruben Flores

    I have to agree.  I remember back when I paid $40 for a local station that multiple kids could use.  Then this new subscription to $8 was hard enough, now $14.  I am sorry to say this is gonna be the first year in 15 that I don't use smartmusic.   What are the alternatives?

    Seems like they desperately want to sell sheet music on the platform and are upping the price to make that happen.

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    I have been an individual user since the original platform was made (load a program from a floppy disc, then load in "keys" for each piece you bought from another floppy). They have now priced me out at $60 for an individual. Sorry, MakeMusic - I'm done.


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