I am one of the IT guys for our school district and our band instructor has been having an issue with students recording.

Our district has older model Chromebooks (Acer C731T and Lenovo N23) that will not record with the internal microphone. It will calibrate without any issue, but when I record, no sound is detected. When I playback the recording, there is no sound at all. Has anybody had a similar issue with older devices? Any solutions?


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    Technology Support

    We just started having this problem on our Acer C731's as well. I'm prepping to contact Smart Music support now. 

    Ricky @ SESD Tech Support

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    Adam Harris

    I'm glad to know our district isn't the only one. I have a ticket opened with support as well. Hopefully, they'll have some answers.

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    Ryan Kriebel

    Same issue. I'm glad that I'm not the only one. Any bets on how long it will take to get a fix? My money is on never.

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