In the last week or so when I choose a Jazz Ensemble piece I must always select my instrument to display the correct part. It has comes up now as Alto Sax 1, or Flute or most often Horn. Previously I would select "Trumpet one" once and the music that came up would default to Trumpet one for every subsequent choice. Closing the program or reloading music selections doesn't seem to have any effect. Not a big problem but an irritant.  Please advise. Cheers 

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    Chad Mathis (he/him/his)

    Hello Robert,

    If you signed into your MakeMusic Cloud account when previewing titles in our catalog, then the piece should default to the primary instrument defined on your account. However, if you are not signed in, then the preview will default to the first piece in score order for that particular title.

    If your behavior doesn't match this, or if you'd like our support team to investigate this further, please submit a support request to reach our support team directly.

    Best regards

    Chad Mathis, Manager, MakeMusic Customer Support

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