I intend on using the warm-ups/cannons /sight reading materials in class; projecting them on to a whiteboard/Smartboard. Currently, in the cannons, for instance, there isn't a very clear or easy way to read the music. It is compressed together and illegible while playing the song. Is there a way to better lay this out to make it easier to read?

I am thinking it would be nice to see a "full screen" view or something that would be easily projected for the whole class to see. 


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    Mark White

    This happens in the method books as well and I'm sure all over the place. Frustrating. When you hit play it reformats to a different size or jumps around.

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    Mark White

    Ok I found a cure. Click on the word "display" On the right side of the screen where you have the percentage to zoom in and out. Click on full screen mode and then hit play. I just did this tonight with one of the method books and it worked out great.

    Smartmusic can you give us a prompt that comes up when we hit play that says "this exercise works better in full screen mode" So that we avoid this clashing of the music. This headache is definitely going trickle down to the students as well. Please fix this before the start of the school year.


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    Ken Kelly

    Thanks for checking that out Mark. It seems that I'm still running into the same issue when I get into the 4 part round. That might be a bit different when referring to only 2 bars being shown. I'm not sure. 

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    Greg Dellera

    Ken, Mark,

    This is a great point. Here are some information for the context:
    - By default, SmartMusic matches the layout of the printed version (system breaks, page breaks, etc..)
    - The default display mode for SmartMusic is a split screen view, so that student can see in advance the music as they are reaching the bottom of a page.

    As a consequence, when there is not enough screen height available, our notation engine "compresses" the space between staves, leading to such issues. Going into full screen obviously helps as it provides more height, but in your case it's not enough.

    Here is my suggestion:
    - Load your music.
    - Under the display tab, click the "+" button close to the zoom option. 
    - Your music should go from a scrolling view (the first "printed" page is displayed) to a re-engraved view (no scroller anymore):

    From this:

    To this:

    Now, SmartMusic is only displaying one "re-engraved" page at a time. When the cursor will hit the section with 4 staves, you should have something like this:

    In this view, when the cursor reachers the last 2 measures, the page will turn automatically. As in the real world with a page turner, this means that the students will have to read slightly ahead of time.


    I hope this helps.


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