I upload my own content a lot. Actually, uploaded content is all I've used so far for assignments because we haven't upgraded to premium yet. My question is this: once students have submitted an assignment that I created from uploaded content, is there any way for the student to access that uploaded piece again to practice it? On the teacher side, there is a category on the homepage where I can find all of my uploaded content and open or assign it. However, on the student side I can't find any place where I can access content previously uploaded or assigned by the teacher. I can review assignments after I've turned them in, but that only allows me to watch and listen to my submitted take. (As a side note: does it also work like this with premium for things I assign from the catalog? Without having premium yet, I can't tell if this is an issue just related to uploaded content.)

The temporary solution I've thought of is to assign the entire uploaded piece to students and label it as a "practice assignment" so students don't submit it and lose access to it for practicing, but that tends to clutter things up and confuses some students. I hope the option I've described is already available and I'm just missing something simple, but if the ability for students to access teacher-uploaded content after submission does not currently exist, it should definitely be a feature request.

It would be great to have a category or folder of some sort in the students' homepage for both uploaded content and teacher-designated content from the catalog where students can fully access and practice anything designated and made accessible by the teacher. This would be like a custom classroom repertoire folder for the year/semester. The teacher should be able to manage what is in that folder and be able to add, change, or delete things from it throughout the year.

So basically my goal with this program is I want to be able to upload a bunch of custom exercises and pieces at the beginning and throughout the year and allow students to access and practice them as much as they want right from the beginning (without due dates or having anything to do with the gradebook). Then throughout the year, I want to be able to create assignments from that uploaded content, and at that point I can specify criteria and assign certain measures for submission, which would apply to the gradebook. This would allow students to work at their own pace with clear goals in mind without me micromanaging every single student and having a ton of duplicate and overlapping assignments that clutter things up. A talented and dedicated student could work ahead on exercises that are more appropriate for his level, or start working on content in the fall that we'll be using for our spring concert--and all without the fear of losing access to it at any point.

Device: Laptop

OS: Windows 7

All students use a school-issued laptop. Although many use their own device at home.


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    Blake Jancius

    I don't care so much about the grade than the ability to perform with SM.  I hope a student can go back to an assigned selection because they could use the practice or because it was a FUN and WORTHY piece they enjoyed practicing,  

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    Billey, Shayne

    I may have a 'work around' for you. It requires a little extra work, but would allow your students to practice the exercises they have submitted.

    First work around. Once you have finalized the grade for the assignment in your Gradebook, you could export the gradebook and save it to enter into your district grading software (if  you have one). Once that is done, "Reassign" the work to the student with the expectation that they do not need to resubmit. I know there are potential issues with this process, as students may get confused as to what work has be reassigned for practice and what work was reassigned because the actually needed to redo the test. Also, you'll have to go through ALL your assignments and reassign for EVERY student. If you have one or two assignments that you want them to continue practicing, this may work for you. If not.....

    Second work around. Create the SAME assignment with a due date set to end of the Term or School year. In the title indicate that this is the PRACTICE assignment and NOT the assignment that they need to submit. I might suggest only posting this Practice assignment once the due date of the original has passed to avoid students handing in the wrong one. 

    I know both of these are not ideal, but it may provide a work around for your students :)

    Cheers !


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    Lorrina Allred

    I would love to have an area on the student's home page strictly for the students to practice.  On the Classic SmartMusic version, there was a space designated as "Preferred Pieces" or something to that nature.  Pieces we are playing in class.  If students don't have the Play Plus version, they should still have access to the 3-4 pieces that we are preparing for the concert at that time so they can practice them.  If they happen to be your own uploaded music, then that should also fall into the same category.

    And while we're on that topic, On the same home page, can we please have a spot that puts our preferred Method Book visible for the students to see so they don't need to scroll through ALL 101 method books to find the one that we are using each time they practice with SmartMusic.  Why can't there be an easy place on the home page for students to see PREFERRED METHOD BOOK and PREFERRED MUSIC OR PIECES TO PRACTICE?

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       Love and need all these ideas ASAP in some form, not just for uploaded content, but autograded library assignments too. A simple solution would be to keep the assigned material folder available for future practice even after submitting it for a grade. Let the student see that they submitted it, but keep it available in their assignment folder for continued practice. I forget if we have the option, but if we don't, please allow teachers to give kids the option to resubmit by a certain date for an improved grade (not just submit late, which they can do now, but REsubmit by a late date). If it is still available for practice and kids want to keep working at it before the concert, I'll let them resubmit =)

       I know it is possible to remove an individual student's submitted assignment and then reassign it, but that is time consuming for the teacher. It would be alot easier to have the option to allow your students to resubmit...and it would solve the issue with kids not having access to their music after submitting.

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    Mark White

    Thanks Matt,

    That's exactly what we need.

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