I'd also love it if as a teacher you could show more than one instrument or staff at a time on the board for the class to see.  For example, when we are doing just sight reading or rhythm reading exercises, I have flutes projected up there, but only flutes can play. If I could project all woodwinds or even a simple C instrument treble clef, base clef, B flat instrument, F and E flat instruments at the same time, the whole class could play together with the SmartMusic displayed on the overhead projector.

On a side note, why does it take so long to go to the next piece in the method book???  I lose students' attention every time, then when you have to re-click all the settings on each number, we are wasting too much valuable class time.  

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    I agree with both of your points. I don't think the technology is there yet to have a "teacher score view" of anything that we could project, which would be super cool.

    Taking way too much time to get to the next exercise is pretty danged annoying. With the Classic version, this task was easy, fast, and all around more user-friendly.

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