In SM Classic, some selections could be transposed.

For example, Bach, Flute Sonata #2.

If I open this up say on trombone, it is not in the correct key.  In SM Classic I could transpose this to put it back into Eb.  I can not find the ability to do that in the new version.



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    Max J.M. Verdoes

    I must admit that is is a great MISS that you cannot transpose anymore... Further the sounds gets terrible when you change the metronome... ohh I would pay double the price (and so would my students) if it would be possible to continue with the Classical version which was GREAT!!!!

    No more easy wayt to change to C, Eb - D trumpets .... etc. etc.

    uh oh.... MakeMusic... uh ohhhhhh



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    Tim Simpson

    As beginner, Classical SmartMusic transpose option would allow me to stretch my vocal range slowly and safely.  

    My work around is to export multiple XLM files.  Really I have not been able to incorporate this route because it is to time consuming.

    Does any one else use Classic SmartMusic transpose option in a similar way and have you found an EFFICIENT work around?

    My work around would work if I had a teacher assistant that would make and import all those XLM Files for me.  

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