All of a sudden, files I have been using for a while have changed, and the piano accompaniment sounds like wind instead of like a piano. 

I have S & E contest coming up, and have made a series of assignments for the kids to turn in to learn their solos, but this is not usable.  Also, I use SmartMusic at the contest, but clearly, I cannot play these for judges.

These are files that I have entered into Finale and converted to MusicXML files (not files that were in the SmartMusic library).

Anyone having the same issue?

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    Paul Oestreich

    I have similar problems with the Import MusicXML files all the time as well.  Despite the instruments being named and assigned in Finale, SmartMusic can't seem to tell what they are and incorrectly assigns them other things (e.g. In an SATB piece it will call every staff "Soprano Voice" even though the score has them as the typical "Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass").  In addition, and even more frustrating, the playback will be the sound of an organ instead of voice!  Where did it get that from?!

    I long for the days of SmartMusic Classic, which had better functionality and way fewer bugs.  But of course Chromebooks have again lowered the standard for everyone because of their limited ability.

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