Hi friends,

I'm just getting started with creating custom content for the new SmartMusic, and my efforts are not paying off yet. I'm hoping one of you can tell me what I'm doing wrong. What I want to have is a short 8-bar passage with jazz trio accompaniment, and displaying only a solo part which is only in quarter-note slash notation with the chord symbols above -- a simple and brief jazz improvisation file so my students can play along, and I can hear how they're doing. 

Using Mac OS Mojave, 10.14.6, the latest web-based version of SmartMusic, and Finale

First, I create play-along tracks in Band in a Box, and export the MIDI file. I open that in Finale, edit it down to the 8 bars I want, and add a stave in slash notation to which I add the two chord symbols. I turn off playback of chord symbols and enable playback with Audio Units. Then I hide the jazz trio staves, tidy up the solo part so that is displays four bars per system, and export the musicXML.

I import the XML file into SmartMusic using the Compose > Import MusicXML tool. 

The progress bar says "preparing score content and layout . . ." but nothing else ever happens. The screen never updates. The file is never rendered. 

I believe I'm following the directions that seem to work in the videos I've seen about how to import scores into SmartMusic, but I'm not getting a final result.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for me. 

Thank you!


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    I have the same problem. I just want to create quarter slashes in the staff under chord changes to indicate the chord being played. Did you ever figure out how to do it?

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