I am so frustrated I am almost in tears. With the multiple pages and the glitch I've been told about, the loop is a waste of time as I have to stop after almost every line. If I try to loop 2 lines now. I have to manually reset. 

Just so discouraged and disappointed in this whole things. I've been using the old version for years without one problem.


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    Victor Hugo

    Are you talking about when you set several lines to loop, if the computer has to "turn the page" for part of it, it doesn't turn the page back when the loop starts over? That is extremely frustrating and makes it useless for me as choral director.

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    Andrea Faleschini

    Looping does not turn the page. Is this a known issue? It is fairly useless unless smartmusic enforces memorization...

    Of course the loop feature is fine to loop on a couple of measures to address technical issues, but to repeat a whole section it is non adequate since it doesnot tuern the pages.

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