I find building units and making assignments cumbersome. After making an assignment template, it seems like you have to start completely over by searching for the same method book...so many clicks. Try this (maybe I'm late to the party on this one)

I'm using a method book to make most of my assignments.

  1. search the book and open, not assign, the first assignment
  2. Open an identical tab (click on the web-address bar to select, and command+enter)
  3. Go to the Assessment tab. 
  4. Click Assign on the right
  5. Make the assignment as normal.
  6. Go back the tab you opened.

Then you don't need to re-search the book. Hope this helps at least one person! 


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    Shahrazad Vakharia

    I discovered this a couple of weeks ago. I cannot believe that they haven't made the process easier or faster. 

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    Jennifer Nelson

    THANK YOU!!!!

    I have been desperate to find a solution to this. I have so much work to do! The current method is a poor user experience. MM would do well to hire a UX designer to go through SM and clean it up.

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    Ryan Kriebel

    I completely agree. The user experience is terrible. There is very little motivation for MM to improve, though. They are the only game in town.

    I constantly having to find stupid little hacks to complete tasks that feel like they should be very quick and easy.

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