When creating an assignment in SM, is there any way to do a “bulk” addition?  We switched to Standard this year and since the kids can’t search the library themselves, I’m trying to make sure the assignments are stocked with material so they can work in a self-paced manner.   

Right now, I have to add EACH solo piece from EACH instrument’s solo book and go through several screens screens to set up every single assignment.  I feel like there has to be a better way to do this, right?

Thanks in advance!


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    Jennifer Nelson

    I have the same frustration!

    This is a poor user interface if I have to go back to the home page in between making each assignment! I would love it if I could stay in the assignment screen and choose my books/assignments there when I finish creating one assignment. I'd also love to select my  method book to make assignments and stay in that book until I'm done making assignments. Or perhaps a link to an assignments screen where my favorite books are stored so I don't have to search endlessly?

    What I hate is currently, when I click "I'm Done" it's super frustrating and time consuming to be redirected to the home page. Then I have to go to the Method Books icon, again, click through 5 screens to find the one I use, again, open that book again, scroll through the band book numbers, again, find the number I need, click assign, again. Go through all the screens necessary to make the assignment, again. If I have 24 assignments to make in one method book it takes so much time going through all those screens! Now, imagine doing this for 6 different classes! 

    Please tell me there is a better, faster way!

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    Lorrina Allred

    I AGREE!  I'm doing the same thing for Rhythms Exercises.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could up the book or the rhythms and just click the assignments you want to assign then use the same template for all of them and assign them all at once.  I also agree with Jennifer Nelson.  It is SOOOOO annoying to have to go back to the home page EVERY time you finish putting in an assignment.  That is ANOTHER  stupid step that is just way too time consuming. 

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    Mark White

    There is no other way.

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    Katie Lemoine

    I agree with all that is said here... There needs to be a better way!!!!! WAY too time consuming! 


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