I am new to Smart Music. I have several classes with students in them. The answer to my issue will probably transfer in the future for other title. When I go into a compilation book (the latest is the "Easy Christmas Instrumental Solos" book, and the song is "Feliz Navidad." When I assign the song to one or more classes, how are the students able to pull up their own instrumental parts? Right now, I can only select one instrument at a time to assign students. Do I have to manually go in and assign the song one student at a time according to their instrument? Again,is there a way to mass-assign the entire song and have the students be able to see their own parts?  TIA!!!

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    Lorrina Allred

    If you're doing SOLOS, each instrument has their own book so you'd have to assign them separately.  If you are doing a band or Jazz Band piece, it will assign them to all instruments at once. 

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