Can these videos be viewed on mobile devices?

Yes! These videos are compatible with mobile devices!


What kinds of videos are included in the Video Lessons currently?

At this time we have videos from MusicProfessor Level 1 for Winds, Strings, and Percussion. These videos are available to users with a paid MakeMusic Cloud subscription.


Will you be adding more videos in the future?

We are excited to have this new video feature and will be taking customer feedback as we plan for future expansions.


Can users add their own videos?

At this time, we are not accepting user uploads of video content.


Can videos be assigned to students?

Each video has a link that can be copied and pasted to share with other users with a paid MakeMusic Cloud subscription. There is not currently any assessment related to this video content, so videos cannot be assigned in MakeMusic Cloud.


Where can these videos be found?

These videos are exclusively available to users with a paid MakeMusic Cloud subscription and can be found by clicking on Video lessons in the navigation menu. At this time, these videos will not appear in search results when exploring the Music Catalog.


What are the PDF downloads associated with each course?

Each course has an accompanying PDF that includes exercises and other content that supplement the instruction given in the videos. These PDFs can be downloaded from the course page for each instrument (they are included with your paid MakeMusic Cloud subscription!). These PDFs are not available in the Practice tool at this time and are exclusive to Video Lessons.


How do I share these videos with students?

Each instrument course has a shareable URL, and each video within each course also has a shareable URL so that you can customize how you share these with students. To view these videos, users must be logged in to an account that has a current, paid MakeMusic Cloud subscription.



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