What if my students cannot receive emails from MakeMusic Cloud (blocked by district, unable to access email, etc)?

Instruct your students to log in to MakeMusic Cloud (SmartMusic) via SSO through your LMS (learn how to connect with Schoology and Canvas), or if using CSV rostering, instruct them to log in or create an account using the email address you used to roster them. Once logged in, they will see an invitation to join your class.  


There are some students automatically added to my classes while others have to accept an invitation; how does that work? 

Students who have been in classes in your organization within MakeMusic Cloud (SmartMusic) previously will be automatically enrolled into your classes. 


All other students will be sent an invitation to join your class. 


Students who do not yet have a MakeMusic Cloud account will be prompted to create one (via Single Sign-On through your LMS) and will then have an invitation to join your class.


Why isn’t Import Students or Import from CSV an option for my class?

Currently, rostering is only available for School-funded and Free classes; Student-funded classes will not be able to use Rostering at this time.


What happens if a student declines their invitation to join my class?

You will see that the student has declined on the Invited tab in your Class Details. If you want them to join, you can ask that student to join using the class code, or you can resend invitations to all students who have declined or not yet accepted by clicking Add students > Import students again from the same LMS course.


Can I import students into a class that already has students?

Yes! You can link existing classes to an LMS roster, even if there are already students in your MakeMusic Cloud class. If the same students are on both rosters (with the same email address in both systems), they will not receive any invitations. Only students in your LMS roster that are not already active class members will be invited to join. You can also Import from CSV as often as you would like.


I use Schoology or Canvas, why is the option to import from my LMS not available?

To use rostering through Schoology or Canvas, you must first be set up to use Single Sign-On through that provider (learn how to connect with Schoology and Canvas). Once your class has the application available to launch from within your LMS, navigate to the class you wish to roster in your LMS, and launch MakeMusic Cloud from that class. Now, when you navigate to your Class Details page in MakeMusic Cloud, you should have the option to Import students from that provider. If you still don’t see the option to select Canvas after signing in through SSO, your Canvas Administrator may need to update your application configuration. [Configuration Instructions]


How do I update my roster to include new students added in my LMS?

You can select Add students > Import students at any time to pull your latest roster from the selected LMS class. Using the same behavior as the initial import, this will either automatically add students or send invites to students not yet in your selected MakeMusic Cloud class. Students who have declined their invitation and are still on your LMS roster will receive a new invitation, and students who are already in your MakeMusic Cloud class will not be notified.  It will not remove any students automatically; if you have students in your MakeMusic Cloud class that are no longer in your LMS roster, you will need to remove those students from the Class Details page to remove them from your MakeMusic Cloud class. You can select Import students as often as you need to invite new students from your LMS roster into your MakeMusic Cloud class.


What is the Invited tab on my Class Details?

This is where students will be listed after you have imported them from an LMS class roster until they accept their invite. Once students have accepted, you will see them listed on the Active tab. If a student has Pending status on the Invited tab, that means they have not responded to their invitation yet. Declined status means that they declined your invitation, and will need to either join via class code or be sent another invitation to join your class (you can resend an invitation by selecting Add students > Import students).


How do my students accept their invitation?

After you invite them, the next time students log into MakeMusic Cloud, they will see the invitation pop up. If students don’t have a MakeMusic Cloud account yet, instruct them to log in via SSO through your LMS (learn how to connect with Schoology and Canvas) and they will see an invitation to join your class after creating their MakeMusic Cloud account.


Can I combine multiple LMS classes into one MakeMusic Cloud class?

Yes, you can use Import students multiple times to combine students from different LMS classes into the same MakeMusic Cloud class. If you are using Canvas or Schoology, you will need to navigate to each course you wish to roster in your LMS and launch MakeMusic Cloud from there to have those students available to roster.


Can I use rostering with linked classes?

Canvas allows rostering for linked classes, but at this time, Schoology does not. If you have linked courses in Schoology, you may see just the students from your first course when you attempt to roster using Schoology. In that case, we recommend rostering by CSV or class code until Schoology makes this option available.



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