Students will now receive email notifications when they receive a new assignment, or have an assignment reassigned to them.


How do I send assignment notification emails?

Creating a new assignment with “Assign Now” selected will send a notification email to your students automatically. You do not need to take any additional steps. Notification emails are not sent when assigning an entire Unit; they are only sent for individual assignments, and are not sent for assignments scheduled for a future date/time.


What if I do not want my students to be notified about their assignment?

To avoid sending these notification emails, you can schedule the assignment to be available to the students at a future date or time, and they will not receive any email notification. 


Can students opt out of assignment notification emails?

Yes; individual students can manage their email preferences on their Account page.


What if my students do not receive emails from MakeMusic Cloud?

If your school prevents students from receiving external emails, you can check with your IT department about adding our email addresses to your safe list. See MakeMusic Cloud email requirements for more information.


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