If you receive the following error message while you're accessing MakeMusic Cloud, please reference the relevant section for your device below to troubleshoot.


If you're using a Chromebook, MakeMusic Cloud is only supported on the most recent version of ChromeOS. Google's instructions for updating the Chromebook operating system can be found here:

If you are unsure of whether your specific Chromebook can be updated any further, please reference Google's Auto Update policy and locate your specific model of Chromebook in the following article:

If your Chromebook cannot be updated to the most current version of ChromeOS, it is considered an incompatible device and is not eligible for technical support.


Mac or Windows Computer

Google Chrome is the only supported browser for MakeMusic Cloud on Mac or Windows. You can ensure you're using the most recent version of Chrome by following the instructions at the Google support page linked below:



Safari is the only supported browser for MakeMusic Cloud on iPad.


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