1. If you are using headphones, unplug them and raise the volume of your computer speakers. Do you hear any sound from other sources (such as YouTube)? If not, you need to troubleshoot your computer's audio until you are able to hear sound. Once you do, proceed to the next step.


2. Restart your Google Chrome web browser > log into MakeMusic Cloud > and open your assignment.


3. After you open your assignment, the microphone icon chrome_video.png appears at the far right of your Chrome browser's search bar. Select that icon to quickly open your Chrome microphone settings.




4. Make sure to have "Continue allowing to access your microphone" selected. Use the Microphone drop-down menu to choose which mic you want. Click Done.


5. Click the red Record button.


6. Click Reset To Assigned Settings and Continue Recording.


7. With your headphones still unplugged and your speakers' volume turned up, click Calibrate. A short sweeping tone plays from your speakers that your microphone needs to pick up in order to calibrate. The recording will start automatically-- try recording without headphones on.


8. If you press the Playback Recording button (to the right of the Record button), you can hear your recording. 


9. If you get a low assessment score, plug in headphones and try another take. If you continue to receive a low assessment score, please take a look at our article Setting up to record in MakeMusic Cloud.


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