After an assignment has been created, variables like the assign on date, due date, whether to allow late submissions, and the students receiving the assignment can be adjusted.


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Step 1: open the Gradebook.


Select the Navigation Icon Hamburger.pngand choose Gradebook for Teachers




The Platform & Classes page appears. Use the drop-down menus to select the desired Platform and Class. Select the Pencil icon edit.png under the name of the assignment you want to edit.







Step 2: select a date.


The Edit assignment page appears in a new tab. Here, assignment details are displayed. The Rubric Points and Class cannot be changed. 



Make your desired changes. You may change your assignment due date as well as your Late assignments setting and date


Since grading calendars are not required, the new assignment will automatically move to its corresponding grading calendar in your gradebook (if you have one). If the new assignment due date is outside of any of your previously defined grading calendars, the assignment will appear in your gradebook under Assignments with no grading periods.


Step 3: select students.

If you'd like students that enroll later to automatically receive this assignment as well, leave Include students enrolled after assignment is created selected.  


Select the students you wish to assign to. To assign to all students, click on the check box at the top of the student list to select all students in that class. Any existing or graded submissions will remain in the Gradebook. 




Please note, if you deselect a student that has a Has Already Submitted or Is Already Graded label, any existing submitted or graded assignments associated with that student are deleted. You will receive the following notification:


Click the Save button at the top of the page when you have finished setting your new parameters. Changes will not be finalized if you do not select this.




The Assignment saved dialog box appears. Click Done to complete the assignment editing process.  



These changes appear in the Gradebook after 30 seconds. 



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