When it comes to grading and assessing your students, there may be instances where you’ll need to do so in a strictly unbiased and objective manner. While individual class Gradebooks default to displaying enrolled students’ names, platform Administrators can replace student names in any class Gradebook with randomly generated, unique IDs.

  1. From the navigation menu, select Class Tools.


  2. Under the Platform & Classes tab, select a class from the dropdown.


  1. To hide student names in the Gradebook for the selected class, toggle the Hide identifying student data toggle under the Administrator Tools tab, and then click Proceed. (To undo this action at any time, toggle the switch back to Off.)


    You will then receive a warning explaining that you are about to obscure student data for this class (this action can be undone anytime by an administrator). Select Proceed.


  2. Now the Teacher will see a list of unique IDs in the Gradebook for the selected class.



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