Alleluia by Samuel Hazo has two key changes, at m. 77, and at m. 94.  Neither one is indicated on the 1st Alto and 2nd Alto parts inside MakeMusicCloud.  They do not occur when in plain viewing mode, or in playback.  There are some places in some of the jazz arrangements where keys and/or D.S.'s or D.C.'s disappear during playback.  I could have a full-time job just fixing the oddities that have been mis-entered.  Anyone else hit this in other pieces?

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    Chad Mathis (he/him/his)

    Hi Jack,

    This is Chad, Manager of Customer Support. Thanks for posting about these repertoire issues you discovered. I see you also submitted support tickets about these to us. I've assigned these tickets to our Support team to review and forward to our Repertoire team so the problems can be analyzed and their fixes can be prioritized. I don't have any specific details quite yet in this moment, but I still wanted to reply and let you know that we're on the case. Thanks for your continued usage and engagement!

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